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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


The Croods: A New Age

Spirit Untamed


Rough Layout Artist

The Rough Layout Artist is an essential role in creating animated films or TV shows. They play a crucial role in translating
the director's vision and storyboards into the initial visual representation of the scenes.

They work closely with the director and other members of the production team to ensure that the storytelling and visual
aspects are effectively conveyed. This involves taking the storyboard panels and translating them into a rough
3D representation, similar to a basic set of blueprints for an animated sequence.

They determine the camera lens and angles, the character positions, and the overall flow of the action,
ensuring that it aligns with the story and the desired emotional impact.

Rough Layout Artists work in close collaboration with other departments, such as character animators, background painters,
and lighting artists. Their work serves as a guide for layout artists to understand the composition and spatial context
of the scenes. This step is critical in establishing the foundation for subsequent animation and production stages.

Attention to detail, strong spatial awareness, and a solid understanding of storytelling principles are essential for
a Rough Layout Artist. They should be able to interpret and adapt the director's vision, while also considering
the technical limitations and requirements of the production pipeline.

Overall, the Rough Layout Artist plays a crucial role in the early stages of the animated film process, establishing the foundation
for the visual storytelling and serving as a bridge between the storyboard and the final animation.


“I worked with Greg on a couple shows at DWA and was struck by how diligent, focused and professional he was.
I was also impressed with how he thinks out of the box for solutions to tricky challenges and for ways to improve a process or technique.

Even when we were on different projects he'd occasionally come by to discuss how to leverage some tool or technique
in a way I'd never heard of or thought of before. I look forward to my next chance to work along side Greg and I'm sure he'll benefit any team he joins.”

          Brian Ward,
Rought Layout Lead, Dreamworks Feature Animation